We build
DeFI,NFTs, Cryptography
models from scratch
and bring it to deployment
What we can do for you
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Developing a smart contract for your project
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Building or forking DEXs
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Developing trading, arbitrage, sniper, MEV, HFT bots
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Integrating your project with any ecosystem
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Designing protocols, bridges and lendings for your projects
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Minting, building marketplaces, providing gaming solutions
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Enhancing security of your project
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Taking care of your transactions speed and security
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Auditing your protocols, security or whole projects
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Who we are
We are IT enthusiasts with experience from the best IT companies such as Meta, Mckinsey, Binance, Kaspersky and working in the field of DeFi, NFTs, finance, and data security. Our team has expertise in all areas of the blockchain industry. We cooperate both with newly minted start-ups and with large industries. We offer you the best product.
Work with us
We have developers from theĀ best companies
About us
Mike Belous
Co-founder & CTO. Ex. Lead Data Scientist & Sr. Rust Engineer & Quantitative Analyst
Alex Shihov
CBO, marketing and sales. Ex. IR in Gov. Relations
Alexander Nolan
Head of Security; Ex. Kaspersky
Sam Walker
Senior blockchain developer; Ex. Binance
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